Over 152 years of tradition and innovation

The story begins in the year 1864 in Ludwigsburg/Württemberg
with company founder Max Walther Scheuer.Firmengründer Max Walther Scheuer

The Schillerplatz was the location where the  Württ.Celluloid-u. Drahtwarenfabrik was founded.

The company became successful with the new celluloid material.  They produced toiletry articles like mirrors, brushes, combs, powder boxes, soap dishes, tooth brushes, sponge baskets and food covers. From wire they made whisks, baskets for making french fries, cooling racks for cakes, hanging baskets for flowers.  High quality and reliability led to a constant business growth.

The location in the center of Ludwigsburg was no longer able to accomodate the expanding company.

In the year 1967 the company moved to Affalterbach. The spacious new buildings enabled the company to continuously expand their business and production.   In the course of time the company specialized exclusively in the production of high quality wire products for Hospitals, laboratories and canteen kitchens.

The customized production of over 4000 products mainly of stainless steel, showed the flexibility of the company.  The technical aesthetics of stainless steel, the precise treatment and the high quality welding techniques led to a very good reputation in the market.

In March 2015 the company moved to Schwäbisch Hall. The new location offers us a much better infrastructure and is well suited to the future plans!

152 years to look back on are an incentive for us to continue to fulfill your expectations now and in the future.