Electrolytic polishing:

Electelektropol1rochemical smoothing, polisching and deburring (electrolytical polishing) improves on the surface quality of products.  With this procedure the product will have greater reliability, constancy and durability. 

The electrochemical process of electrolytic polishing causes a strainfree surface removal mainly of micro-roughnesses (approx. 10-40 micrometer ) on metal.

The surface treatment takes place in a galvanic bath.  A thermostat  keeps the temperature of the bath at a constant temperature.  There are cathodes installed in the bath.  The parts which are to be polished get mounted in a holding fixture which is connected to an anode.  The  direct current in combination with the acidic solution ( electrolyte ) dissolves parts of the surface.


  • high corrosion resistance

  • metallic cleanliness

  • chemical inertness elektropol2

  • reduced surface covering

  • ideal for cleaning and sterilizing