The Whirl-Sintering-Process: 

The whirl sinter bath is made up of the powder bath which is separated from the air provider by the porous whirl tray. Oil and dust free air flows into the air provider which circulates as bubbles through the whirl tray. In the whirl sinter process the hot component part is immersed in a fluidified powder bath.wirbelsintern

Thereby a lacquer coating is created, which must meet certain specifications regarding layer thickness and quality.  In the whirl sinter process the preheated(230°to 450°) component parts must be immersed(two to ten seconds) by a manipulator into the powder bath.  Thus touch point´s result, which are not coated.  These points must be chosen in a way that they may be tolerated on the component part. The parts to be sintered can be of any shape and can be made of steel, alloy metal and aluminum. 

Physiological and toxicological assessment:

After the harmonization of the European Laws and regulations, there are new regulations applying to plastics which have contact to foodstuffs.  The polyamide 12-powder VESTOSINT is permitted to be used in direct contact with foodstuffs in the European Community.


Environmental compatibility and Safety:

VESTOSINT-Powder is not poisonous, is not subject to the requirement to label goods for hazardous material and is not perilous for water.  With consideration of the local communal laws the waste can be disposed of with the regular garbage or at a garbage dump.


Whirl sintering with polyethylene (PE) white,

in this procedure we use the high pressure polyethylene-powder (LDPE) FLAMULIT® HTC 144, white.

Basic features of this surface treatment are:

  • even coating around all component parts 
  • protective coating against corrosion 
  • smoothing of sharp edges 
  • minimal variation in material thickness of the component parts 
  • heat-resistant up to +60°C, cold-resistant up to -40°C
  • the process takes place without solvents


Whirl sintering with Polyamide 12-Powder (PA 12), white,

In this procedure we are using the Polyamide-Powder VESTOSINT® Typ 1141, white.

Basic features of this surface treatment are:

  • high toughness 
  • high resistance against grease, oils, fuels, hydraulic liquids, water 
  • good protection against stress corrosion even against chemicals 
  • low coefficient of sliding and high abrasive resistance even in dry conditions
  • good noise and vibration absorption
  • good adhesive strength on steel
  • resistance to impact or shock
  • high mechanical strength  
  • high durability also in water which is warm and which has detergent in it
  • low heat conductivity
  • good electrical-insulation
  • harmless in contact with foodstuffs
  • easy to clean
  • no growth of vegetation on surface
  • the process takes place without solvents